Wednesday, August 4, 2010

strategic subversion?


my boy @zenfosec was schoolin me on kung-foo flix the other day, and we got to talking about how blue-ray rips and dvd capacity seem to line up and then started wondering about how long until we see previously unknown brands of cheap electronic media players at superstores which can play the format in question... (now?)

anywho, one might observe that 'traditional'/mainstream/'western' manufacturers don't produce these devices but capitalist markets fill consumer demand in this area.

one might also observe that a significant number of rip nfo files appear to come out of china.

that could lead into speculation of whether or not a socialist culture that reportedly 'thinks' in terms of centuries and longer might make a conscious effort to undermine capitalism by using capitalism against itself...?

this might be in line w/ the idea of mass producing offensive infosec 'armies'. btw, i am very disappointed that the talk about this field outta taiwan got pulled from bh/dc. if anyone wants to share the slides, hit me w/ a gpg key ;) (also, i got to chat w/ some super smart folk in vegas n learn some nifty stuff, props to everyone involved :)

anyway... insofar as unintended consequences and blowback, it might be fair to ask if this would be a risky strategy. when a traditional soldier is discharged and leaves his barracks he gives back his primary weapons. if you imagine forward a couple decades to legions of retired technically capable trained electronic 'subversives'(?), what will the world look like to political powers seeking to control information? lots of shades of grey in there prolly ;)


greetz n 敬 to peeps w/ comments n the operanos chillin in the back too ;)