Saturday, October 11, 2008

my hate by numbers ripoff post

ok, let's scope out to national security matters w/ this article for a min... hate by numbers ftw btw...

(alt links since the orig is 404:,2933,434561,00.html

The man found dead in a suitcase in Tibbetts Brook Park last week was a drug mule from the Dominican Republic who died from an apparent overdose after two packets of heroin leaked into his body, police said yesterday.

1: i'm assuming it was a big ass suitcase or he was cut up, but i'm w/ you overall. we have a country of origin for this drug smugglers body we found...

Authorities found 50 packets of heroin, with a street value of at least $100,000, inside the man's body. They believe he was likely dumped in the park by fellow drug mules after his accidental overdose.

2: ok, i guess they prolly used a big ass suitcase then since they clearly weren't interested in cutting someone up, even for a ton of cash...

The man, who has yet to be identified

3: wait, what? we know what country he's from, but we don't know who he is? ok... that's a little weird, but reportedly they get that idea from an item in his possession which has yet to be identified.

all that aside, we don't know who he is, so i guess he covertly crossed the border on foot?

Police said that the man had probably flown to the United States on a paid mission to deliver drugs

4: i'm sorry, wtf? we accept w/o blinking that we have a known foreign-national flying into the states and government security apparatus protecting our borders from another 9/11 (TSA, INS, ICE, DHS, etc) don't know who he is?

oh, well maybe that was just a local pd spokesman mistake, right?

His fingerprints did not match any in U.S. databases, so he probably was never arrested in this country

5: oh, that was a fox news report? well wtf? don't you need to get between 2 and 10 finger-prints taken when you get a visa to visit the united states?

well, no fingerprints required if you're from one of those 27 countries which make uber passports that you'd have a pretty hard time faking... the Dominican Republic isn't on that list... what do we know about them anyway? oh, wait, we've been working with their security apparatus for at least the last three years and know they are a huge drug smuggling transit point?

are you telling me that i go through all that bullshit at the airport (even though we've already secured the cockpit) to make sure i'm not a terrorist even though i'm a US citizen and fly all the damn time... but if i'm some dude from a known drug state, i can just forge some papers and get right in?

well, maybe he faked them out somehow... was real sneaky-like...

"There could be three, four, five of these mules working together," Calabrese said, explaining how the drug transport system works. "They may be on the same plane, they may be on different planes, but they've usually got to meet up at some place because they've got to pass the drugs. They usually meet in a hotel or motel, or in an apartment nearby. They may be there for a day, maybe two, until they get the drugs to come out.

6: wait, we know all that stuff about how they operate? really? we know all that because someone has watched them before i guess? soooo, could we be watching these people now? or could we mandate an ultrasound for people coming from known countries? or we could keep them in a resort place for 3 days to see if they crap out a lot of drugs or need emergency surgery? isn't the US fighting a war on drugs? hasn't that been going on for a long time now?

gee, i hope the war on terror goes a little better than the war on drugs...

it seems like no one who has a reasonable grasp of security and risk management is callin the shots up top...

Monday, October 6, 2008

big heist?

ok, so there's been a lot of this countermedia stuff lately. no idea on how legit any of it is (/me + econ == fail)...

it didn't seem like anything about protests about the bailout bubbled up to a worthwhile story in the mainstream media, but i mighta missed it...

so supposition is: is it possible that the US is getting knocked off like a big ass bank?

big oil and corp types are elected, soo:

policy of deregulation & big business breaks put into place for 8 years == $$$
huge ongoing war started (iraq) == $$$
mindset of perpetual conflict (terror) == $$$
huge oil prices (xfer of wealth from US to uber-rich and oil-rich actors) == $$$
huge bailout to corps who failed in the free market by being retarded == $$$

i really hate the 9/11 conspiracy stuff too btw, and i've been debating whether or not to post. i've just got nothing to add to the space except mb to say that didn't people always say that a big govt coverup won't work b/c too much shit would leak and be known... could one make an argument that there is an ever broadening set of legit questions which aren't addressed by the US govt surrounding 9/11? i donno...

what i do know, is that post 9/11 the US as a nation has lost touch w/ some of the wisdom of the founding fathers about keeping the gov't from getting all up in your business. and the fact is, w/ warrentless wiretapping, echelon-type information gathering has been hugely expanded. now it is theoretically possible for govt to:

- listen in on your voip and/skype calls
- track significant data relating to online behavior (activies, patterns, interests)
- discreetly activate cell phones for audio surveillance
- track physical location via cell phone tower triangulation
- have eyes-on of physical activity in all-weather (?) at a resolution approaching 1m (out of my ass) whenever you can see the sky?

personally, i think people who say "well if you don't have anything to hide" are out of touch w/ the constitution as well as relevant historical precedent... really, they do this stuff (linkage legality not disputed here, btw)

and if you think i'm just a nut, you might be right, but lemmie point out that this falls in line w/ talks being given by potter (in that a lot can be found in applying stats to loads of raw data) and arguably dead addict (iirc: suppressing information footprints in datasets which are subject to statistical analysis can be more of a flag than existing normally within the mainstream data-set).

speaking to that latter point, you can note that hans reiser took the battery out of his cell phone when he buried his wife. the cops with him to recover her body said they walked right past it in their search, and would've never found it (read in some article i'm too lazy to cite, sry).

dropping off the grid could be raising red flags on someone's radar. similarly, using strong encryption more than the avg joe could be a flag that you warrant further watching.

stretching too far, one could speculate that subtle attacks on CA and trusted crypto infrastructure would clearly be highly guarded information, given how valuable evesdropping "secure" communications proved during wwII and prolly ever since...

anyway, i hear that someone slipped subtle verbage into the bailout bill that allows the taxpayer to have some option to have some ownership in the companies being bailed out. maybe there are good-guys out there slayin dragons in the shadows... who knows...

bottom line, there is a reason that the fight for punishing your friendly telecom (who aren't interested in helping you, btw) has all but been abandoned. there's a reason no candidate is talking about this. who would want to give up that much power?

give a few $$$ to EFF, they are good peeps fighting for all of us normal folk... (i in no way speak for them, btw, they prolly think i'm a nut ;)

someday i'll post real sec stuff again... really ;)

winter is coming...

and i'm way not cool enough to be doin stuff like this... prolly... ;)

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ps: phife ftw

Friday, October 3, 2008

ok, not condoning...

but i am really impressed with this bank robbery from an attack perspective...